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to build the future.

We’re building the first distributed, community-based accelerator for creating and launching new utility based NFT projects. Gain access to your membership by minting the Let’s BTF NFT.

Be part of the future of utility NFTs.

Our mission is to explore and create new innovative use cases for NFTs while providing permissionless, ongoing value to our community.

As we build and invest in new NFT projects, our members will be rewarded through their Let’s BTF NFT.

Let's BTF Collection

Liquidity. Built in.

The first NFT that provides unique utility through instant liquidity with a built in floor price. A 10k generative collection of cards where each ones gives you unique ownership in the products launched from the accelerator.

Instant liquidity

The first of its kind. Each NFT upon minting is rewarded a credit that’s embedded in the smart contract. You have access to this credit immediately with no interest or timetable to repay.

Trustless value distribution

The future is on-chain. Value captured from products in our accelerator will be programmatically distributed to our card holders through innovative smart contract design.

Innovation Access

Holders will get exclusive access to NFT products launched from our accelerator, the ability to invest and support new teams, receive on-chain credit increases, and be on the cutting edge of NFT utility.

Let's BTF Collection

How it works.


Mint up-to 5 Let's BTF Cards with instant reveal. We ensured rare cards can’t be sniped.


Immediately upon minting a verifiably random credit amount is generated on-chain.


Instantly claim your credit amount with no repayment required for the duration of your ownership.

Credit distribution

Minting the Let’s BTF NFT gives you access to immediate liquidity through our smart contract credit system. You’ll have a chance of getting between .5 and 10 ETH that you can claim instantly.


1900 NFTs


1790 NFTs


5000 NFTs


1000 NFTs


300 NFTs


10 NFTs


We’re launching the Let’s BTF cards to attract other like minded innovators that resonate with our vision. In return, our first project will have a new utility use case for NFTs that rewards the holder with instant liquidity through a smart contract credit system.

New Utility

We’re pushing to find and explore use cases and native utility for NFTs, creating long term value. The Let’s BTF Collection is just the first version of this vision.

Accelerator & Investing

Help build and launch the next generation of NFTs as a Let’s BTF member. Get exclusive access and royalties on projects through the accelerator.


Builders, artists, creatives, investors, and more. Our community is a diverse group of people who want to push web3 and NFT adoption forward.

Distributed Ownership

Y Combinator pioneered a new model for funding early stage startups, we’re creating a new accelerator model where ownership and value is distributed across our community.


We can’t do this alone. Our community is designed to be one of the most innovative communities in web3, new NFT products, smart contract design, and more.

Permissionless Value

Using the most progressive web3 tech, we’re incorporating permissionless value disbursement across the community.

Wave 1: Sold Out

Wave 2: Minting Soon

The next wave of Let's BTF NFTs are dropping soon.
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How does the credit work?

The credit system is built into the smart contract and is fully on-chain making it trustless and decentralized. Upon minting, a verifiably random number from Chainlink oracles is used to give your NFT a specific credit amount based on the weighted distribution below:

  • 19% receive .5 ETH in initial credit
  • 17.9% receive .75 ETH in initial credit
  • 50% receive 1 ETH in initial credit
  • 10% receive 1.25 ETH in initial credit
  • 3% receive 1.5 ETH in initial creditt
  • 10 cards receive 10 ETH in initial credit

Because a truly random number is used for each individual mint, there will be a small variance in the ending percentages listed above.

The Let’s BTF Collection reinvests 90% of all minting funds raised back into the community to provide instant liquidity, while allowing for ownership of the NFT.

If you use any of the credit, it will lock the NFT so you are unable to transfer or sell it. Once the credit is repaid back to the card, the card will be unlocked and can be sold on the secondary market or transferred to other wallets.

Bonus: you can airdrop your NFT funds that increases your cards credit making it even more valuable. This gives each NFT a life of their own and can evolve over time.

What is the maximum mints per wallet?
There is a limit of 5 per wallet.
When can I start to use the credit?

You can use the credit instantly after minting or after purchasing on the secondary market.

Note: there may be a slight delay between mint and when your credit amount is set. This is due to the decentralized and trustless mechanics behind the credit amount generation using Chainlink oracles.

What are the secondary royalties and how will they be used?
We’re collecting 5% on secondary sales to fund the ongoing development of utility NFT concepts through our community accelerator. We’ll continue to experiment on ways to increase the value of this original NFT through credit airdrops and exclusive access to new utility NFT concepts that will be launched.
How can I claim my credit?
We’ve made it easy to claim, repay, and increase your credit through our dApp in our
However, because the credit system is all on-chain in our smart contract you could even perform these functions by calling the contract directly.
Is the reveal instant?
Yes. Immediately after minting you will be able to see your card and it’s traits.


We believe builders are the future. It’s not about consuming and being a passive observer, but being a builder who’s contributing and pushing technology and society forward.

We’re a community of diverse individuals expanding NFT capability with individualized products, experiences, and access.

We don’t accept the status quo and believe that together, we can extend NFT value and use cases far beyond what’s currently imagined.

Our vision is to expand NFT capability to create the model of the future for decentralized, community owned products, individualized experiences, and access to the merging digital and physical world.

Join us, and together we will...